Artist in Residence

Rosa Mar Tato Ortega is our most recent ‘Artist In Resident’ at Coolart Wetlands, after an 18 year hiatus, having spent 25 years holidaying in Somers.

The  twelve month residency, auspiced by Parks Victoria, meant that Rosa, could produce and present a new body of site-related work which explored and encapsulated the meaning and significance of Coolart, Somers and its inhabitants, to the Victorian community. The final exhibition at Coolart of Rosa’s work was held 4th – 15th November 2018.

Gaining a sense of place was the focus of her intention to engage with the Somers Community. Rosa invited locals to gather things related to their time at Somers; important objects, collected items, found or gifted in Somers that have meaning, photographs, maps, and shared stories.

For those unable to make it to Coolart, letters were welcome –  Rosa loves the written word and receiving letters!

The studio is situated at the Barracks next to the Homestead and Friends of Coolart Shop. Rosa’s residency is the second AIR placement at Coolart.

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