Coolart Community Garden

Initiated by a group of dedicated locals, the Coolart Community Garden is now up and running, taking on the old herb garden and making it new again. The herb garden is the site of the Luxton’s vegetable garden that was overhauled in the mid 1980’s . Working bees have already commenced, a committee has been created and planting and rotation schemes are in place.
The desire to create a community based, non-sporting activity
that would bring people together was the driving force behind the establishment of the community garden group. Unlike other community gardens, the Coolart Community Garden is unique for several reasons; it is located in a heritage precinct on crown land managed by Parks Victoria; all group members are considered volunteers by Parks Victoria and therefore must register on Parkconnect and provide a Working With Children Card; and the garden must remain open to the public.  Also to remain true to the original 1950’s garden of Gertrude Luxton, emphasis is on heritage vegetables and to this end the Coolart Community Garden Group have reached out to the Diggers Club for assistance and the educational opportunities that this may provide into the future.  As the group will operate as a sub-group of the Friends of Coolart, all members of the Garden Group will automatically become Friends of Coolart members and existing FOC members can apply to join the Community Garden Group at no extra charge. Annual costs to join are $20 per individual or $30 for 2 members of the same household.

For an application form: Join Coolart Community Garden or  to find out more please contact