Major J A Stewart Balmain

Major James Alex Stewart Balmain and his wife Alison Mary Fairbairn Balmain owned Coolart in 1921 when it was featured in The Home – Quarterly Journal in June 1921. Alison died later that year aged 37. Her father was Sir George Fairbairn, a pastoralist, politician, company director and oarsman.

James Balmain was born in 1869 in Manchester. He joined the 15th Hussars in 1893 rising to the rank of Major. He was ADC to the Governor of Bombay in 1902; ADC to the Governor-General of Australia in 1904, and retired in 1909. James and Alison married in 1906 at St John’s Church, Toorak and had three sons, the third of who was born in 1913 and Coolart was given as the home address in the birth notice.

James died in England in 1931 aged 62.

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