Things to do at Coolart

There is much for visitors to do, see and enjoy at Coolart, whether in winter or summer. Bring a picnic and walking shoes to make the most of a day at Coolart.

Coolart Homestead

The house is currently closed to visitors for renovations. We will update this site once we have more information on it’s re-opening.

Nature walks

Coolart has beautiful heritage gardens and grounds. Visitors can also take one of the many walking tracks around the property. Visit the wetlands and hides to explore the local birdlife.


New barbecues have been installed & look spectacular! New picnic tables are soon to follow!

Visitor Centre

At the entrance of Coolart, adjacent to the visitor carpark is the Visitor Centre. Rangers are generally available onsite to provide updates to visitors on the estate and its prolific wildlife and birdlife. A calendar of activities runs throughout the year.

The Friends of Coolart Shop

Located in the Barracks building adjacent to the Homestead. The shop is open most days from October to May.


Coolart has good general accessibility in all areas. While there are paved walkways through the estate, visitors in wheelchairs or using walking frames should be aware that some pathways are unsealed.

A Hippocampe all-terrain wheelchair is available at Coolart for visitors with restricted mobility. The chair can be borrowed for free by contacting the Coolart office on 8427 2242.

Wetlands and Hides
Calendar of activities
Parks Victoria: Visitor Guide