Wetlands and Hides

Thanks to the vision of its last private owners, the Luxton family, Coolart is now a renowned Wetlands for keen bird watchers and nature lovers.

Each year nomadic and migrating birds pass through Coolart stopping at its waterways and woodlands to breed and rest. Over 125 species of birds visit Coolart or are resident, from swamp hens, white ibis, hoary-headed grebe and cormorants, to home grown kookaburras and magpies, and many species of ducks including chestnut teal, the Australasian shoveler and blue-billed duck. Visitors have been lucky to spy wedge-tailed eagles, and those venturing along walks to the beach have spotted red-capped plovers.

Coolart has many well-planned walking routes for bird-watchers and walkers alike. They are clearly sign-posted and most are easy walks that will take from as little as thirty minutes to a couple of hours.

Minsmere Hide

The Minsmere Hide is a two-level wooden building, with three doors at ground level, giving access to viewing platforms out over the large lake. The Hide is a 300 metre walk from the main Coolart precinct, then onto a short gravel pathway and across a boardwalk to the Hide entry; wheelchair access is available through one of the doors. A visit is recommended to this bird lovers’ wonderland.

Wetlands Observatory

The Observatory is another place to see the bird life at Coolart. Situated below the main Homestead it overlooks the Wetlands and offers a comfortable viewing position in all weathers. The Observatory is set out theatre style and is used for talks and presentations.

Birdlife Australia’s Mornington Peninsula chapter includes Coolart on its bird watching calendar. Keep an eye on their Events page for information on planned outings to Coolart.

Bird watchers, nature lovers and those in search of quiet contemplation will enjoy the peaceful serenity in the grounds and walks of Coolart.